Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Rabbi Lemming Television Show-Yom Ha'atzmut Video

Dear friends, it is most delightful and delicious to be back on television. Join me as I share my unique humanistic reflections on Yom Ha'atzmutI offer blessings of peace and love to our beloved Arab cousins, who may feel differently on this bittersweet day. I beseech my Jewish audience to be sensitive with them. Allow them  their expressions of violence in the streets. They need to vent on their day of Nakba. Please don't provoke them. Don't wave the Israeli flag in their faces. It upsets Yishmael. Celebrate at home in private with subdued dignity. 

I do not wish to stifle all expressions of celebration. Let us rejoice for our liberty, but would it be wrong to also shed a tear for "the other" as well?  Would it be wrong to limit our celebration to the privacy of our own homes? I speak of sensitivity. I speak of  love, compassion, and dignity for all, regardless of faith, creed, or genitalia. This is the essence of Judaism. 

Above all, we dare not oppress the stranger during our celebration. After all, were we not ourselves strangers in the land of Egypt? May we dance with Yishmael, not next year, but this year and next year, until the end of time. 

Amen, selah.

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