Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Rabbi Lemming Television Show-"Assaulted with Acid"

"Assaulted with acid, and yet I still love"

I want to share my thoughts on the challenges of pursuing peace. It is indeed unfortunate that the gentle-warrior for peace often sustains mutilation and even death at the hands of those he/she wishes to help. Nevertheless, any woman, man, she-male, or man-woman, who truly dedicates his/her/it's life to peace, will be undeterred, even if a Bedouin women spills corrosive acid on said person's head. I am living proof that one can still love after being viciously assaulted by Arabs and having one's ear melted down like a piece of wax. For you see, I understand that the Arabs who poured out into the streets of Rahat last Sunday to lynch me (following the acid attack) were merely a drop in the bucket, when one considers how many of our wonderful cousins love us.  My dear friends, nurse freely from my robust bosom of peace. Shavuah tov to all the children of Abraham. 

Mazal Tov to Shmezra and Shmestie. May they dance with their cousins in the near future. Not next year. But this year, and next year, until the end of time. Amen selah.

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