Friday, February 4, 2011

The Rabbi Lemming Radio Show-"Crying For Egypt"

Pray for the peace of our brothers and sisters in Egypt, may they be blessed. The moderate and tolerant country of Egypt is in turmoil, and as always, sensitive pluralistic Jews must ask themselves the following question: What did we do to cause this? Has our dilly-dallying over the Oslo peace treaty and our refusal to broker a deal with the moderate Abbas, contributed to this violence? I fear that the answer is yes.

Now more than ever, we must strive to create immediate peace with the Palestinians. Enough talk of Palestinian incitement, or of Palestinian Authority textbooks which portray Jews with long noses. We must make sudden irresponsible, rash decisions, and concede all of the occupied territories to the Palestinians in order to show that we are serious. This gesture will almost certainly quell the violence in Egypt. It will show our love for them and they in kind will turn to us and say, "my brother, welcome home." (I am crying as I type this.)

"Only through love, and by loving love, will we turn our hatred to love."
-Rabbi Lemming

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