Monday, November 8, 2010

True, I Am Religious, But.... (audio)

Shalom. Welcome to Episode # 2 of "The Rabbi Lemming Radio Show". Today's episode deals with the disturbing beliefs of what I like to call "false, frum fanatics" who sacrificed Judaism's universal message of love and social justice, for the idolatrous notions of exclusivity and intolerance. Very sad indeed. But I am not deterred from my mission of saving Judaism from those who hurl feces at my head whenever I exit my home.

I hope you enjoy the new interface for my audio player. Many of the intolerant out there will mock my choice of colors as well as the general style ( the hearts), and make prejudice jokes which question my sexual orientation. I will not debate such hate-filled bigots, or even respond to them. Pink happens to be a color of love and free expression. The fact that many devoted activists for man-love use the very same color is not a reflection on who and what I am, but indeed, it may be taken as a symbol of my support for their right to self-expression. Open-minded Judaism demands that I allow my fellow man to express his soul in a manner that is pleasing to his inner self, even if the Halachah itself forbids such expressions of man-love.

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