Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Rabbi Lemming Show # 3- "Back From The Dead"

Shalom. Rabbi Lemming here, and I am delighted to present you with a treat. This classic episode of "The Rabbi Lemming Television Show" will teach the basic lessons of Tikkun Olam. Lesson # 1- You may get injured, raped, or even killed in the pursuit of social justice, oftentimes from those you are trying to help. After experiencing any form of assault on your person, the important thing is to look deep down inside yourself. The fault is usually your own. Please do not be alarmed by this video. This incident occurred several years ago and almost all of the physical wounds have healed after two plus years of mind-numbing pain and hundreds of hours of grueling physical therapy. In time I even re-learned how to blink and how to urinate. Understand this, my beloved students. A crushed pelvis can heal. A fractured skull fuses back together. Hour-long migraines cease to bother you after enough morphine has been administered. But a soul that has become callous because of one (or two, or maybe more) unpleasant experiences is one that will never heal. Enjoy the timeless lessons in this video.

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