Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Is Not The Way!

A Few Thoughts From The Rav.......
  • Harassing elderly Bedouins just because they have a culture of relieving themselves on the sidewalk is not the way! Who are we to impose our Western toileting customs on others?
  • Refusing to shake hands with an Arab man just because I saw him publicly attend to his personal toileting needs with the very same hand is the essence of racism. Tis better to catch anal warts of the mouth than to oppress the stranger.
  • A failure to explore and giggle with those of another faith is not the way. Interfaith sessions in the shvitz are a fabulous way to better appreciate those who may not be circumcised.
  • Homophobia is not the way, nor is the irrational fear of the trans-gendered, transfixed, and soon to be fixed. Man-love is an expression of humanity that we must strive to understand and respect, whatever our personal tastes or religious preferences.
  • A penis is merely a dangling appendage. Men are the lesser sex, because they are intrinsically violent creatures. Though I am a man, I refuse to identify as such. I prefer the term "he-male" which expresses my identification with the feminine side of my gender.
  • Eating our animal friends is a rejection of our humanity. I refer to those who literally "eat the meat of another creature." Our gay brothers and sisters may eat who they wish. Who am I to tell another man what he may swallow?

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