Thursday, November 25, 2010

Welcome Queer Jews!

A delightfully heart-warming, portrait of an "open and tolerant" Judaism that allows gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, tri-sexual, vegi-sexual, and transgender Jews to express themselves without fear of being persecuted. Who are we to judge these people? They only want to laugh and giggle and prance around a havdalah candle, while dressed up like Chiquita Banana. True, a traditional reading of the Torah explicitly forbids the expression of man-love. But the Torah was given to man, and man must be as man is! This is the most Jewish value of all. We are not to judge these special people for their actions. Their beautiful Jewish souls express themselves differently perhaps, but their Judaism is equally valid to our own. Who says there is less dignity in a Judaism that expresses itself with floral arranging, penis-shaped challah baking, and Queer Kumsitzes?

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