Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Shalom friends,

I am deliciously excited to have my own blog, so that I can share the true message of Judaism with you, a message that has tragically gotten distorted over the years by right-wing fanatics and extremists within the "Torah" camp.

Shalom. Shalom. Shalom.

Rabbi Michael Lemming, PH.D
Rosh Hayeshiva, Har Shalom


Kalashnikover Rebbe said...


Ben-Yehudah said...


I am truly offended that you left off the Hartman Institute, "Rabbi" Eric Asherman, "Rabbi" Arthur Waskow, and "Rabbi" Zalman Schachter Shalomi.

Also, I don't think your blog is kosher to read unless is has the expressed certification of "Rabbi" Michael "Let's have a three day discussion about my new, and call it a Tikkun Convention" Lerner.


Rabbi Lemming said...

You needn't be offended. I just started this blog and I will be adding the names of the individuals you mentioned, in particular, my dear friends Rabbi Waskow(who mentored me in my early days of activism)and Rabbi Lerner, shlita. The Hartman Institute has always been a favorite of mine, and I am delighted to hear that women will soon be ordained by his son Donnie. Delicious news, indeed.